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About The Crazy Cake Lady

Me and my crazy family live in London's 'Nappy Valley', the perfect environment to explore endless cake designs and idea and have a brilliant clientele around you. I have two adorable kiddies who, over the last couple of years, have proved willing (read gullible) guinea pigs in my cake experiments!  They have helped me hone my superpower and I am happy to announce they're both still alive and kicking .

The Alice In Wonderland Castle was my first ever cake - literally, first ever cake I've EVER made in my whole life the Mike The Knight Castle, my second. I have discovered my superpower, my hidden talent !! 


Bigger the challenge, the better. My  imagination does not have any limits, never two of a kind.


My aim is to create  unique centerpiece cake to make my customer's special day unforgettable.

​The Crazy Cake Lady



I have a desire to learn new skills and techniques every time I prepare a cake.